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It started out super mundane, like, I was still in college and trying to find a sunny spot in the grass outside my friend's apartment building to do my homework and waving at Comic Store Jake and eventually going inside to talk about mundane college stuff with Nat

and then I was part of this weird sort of fantasy video game heist, trying to rob an underground hoard of treasure, when I was shot in the back by my heist-mate. I played dead on the ground, thinking about how if the bullet had struck my spine, I could be paralyzed

but as it turned out, the bullet had punctured one of my lungs, so I had to replace it with a false lung, which meant SHOVING IT DOWN MY GULLET WHILE IT WAS INFLATING and simultaneously securing a long tube into it that would forever be in my throat and as I stood there thinking about this would be my life from now on, I thought, I wish I hadn't done that. I wish this had never happened, and then I was all


and then I woke up.
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I don't know if this happened here or if I dreamed it, but I think I woke up at some point to hear it storming, and said, "Oh, that's why it was raining in my dream." But then I have a fuzzy recollection of actually going out to the porch to watch the downpour, which I doubt I did, so I was probably still dreaming? Geh.

This part was fo' sho' a dream: A whole slew of us (me + strangers) were gearing up for war. I wanted to pack a couple things for the training camp (puffy neon-colored high tops in case my shoes got soaked, an extra change of clothes) but kept forgetting to do so. I was super upset as I said goodbye to my hamsters because I was afraid no one would look after them if I died.

There was an older woman who blessed us as she sent us along to the indoor battlefield. She made a comment to me about how I'd ____ until the end of my life, to which I joked, "Which means for another two days?" She looked uncomfortable for a moment, then said, "You'll survive long past this." It was understood that she had precognitive abilities, so I felt vaguely comforted.

Then we were rushing headlong toward the opposing force. I had a bunch of combs as weapons; my primary had a long, flexible handle, so I was using it like a mace and smashing in people's faces and groins. I stalled a bit in the middle but wound up in the back of the warehouse? hollowed out department store?

A couple of us encountered a woman with a toddler who had been toy shopping before they were accidentally locked in. I decided to make a mission out of ensuring the survival of the civvies (plus an extra civilian [who for some reason I did not like] holding an infant), and we set about trying to fortify this unlit are. It was a horribly indefensible room with three sets of double doors; I suggested that we set up a bunch of crates so that we could use them to block the entrances at a moment's notice, but not to barricade them just yet because the enemy would notice.

Then the enemy was flooding our little nook, and suddenly numbered in the thousands and were zombie-esque in nature. I watched one of my comrades trying to hold her ground and wind up pretty much disintegrated by the force of the swarm pushing her every which way, so I let myself get moved around by the crowd. I was taken in as a POW and was waiting in line for processing when I started kicking a chair and yelling at a couple sloppily uniformed enemy soldiers to be shown to their commanding officer. I insisted that I was a double agent, but I'm not sure if that were true or if I was just faking. Then my alarm rang again.
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Dreamt that I was moving up to the top floor of my building, which in the Dreaming was the fourth, into a spacious and many-roomed flat that had one incumbent roommate, male, who gave me a quick tour of the place as I was dragging in the first couple armloads of my stuff. He was v. serious but quiet, which I liked, since it probably meant that he'd stay out of my way.

When he showed me the mudroom (we had a mudroom), I saw that just about every inch of available surface was occupied by his shoe collection and felt enormously concerned that he might judge me for my own modest assortment of sneakers, boots, and flipflopsx2.

I realized that this moving business would take manymany trips up and down two flights of stairs if I were to do it all on me lonesome, so I sent out a tweet seeking assistance from my friends. Only minutes later, I realized to my horror that Warren Ellis had somehow highjacked my Twitter account and had sent some highly inappropriate tweets to my contacts and strangers alike. I was convinced that everyone would think me horrible and strange and cut off all association at once, but then Sarahtron and Colleen appeared to help me move.

At some point, Sarahtron asked, "Aren't you going to be sad and lonely with Joe moving out of state?"

To which I replied, "No, we have Skype and text messages and all that telecommunication stuff," and was about to add that at least now we were in the same-ish time zone when I realized that I had no idea where Joe had gone. o.o


This is probably a result of my vague anxiety re: possibly moving again, and possibly being long distance with Joe again. Possibly possibly possibly. Really wishing that I had a better idea of what my life is going to look like. C'mooon, grad school! Tell me things I wish to know. :T


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