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So here were some of my resolutions for 2012:

I did not finish every book I started, alas, or even reach my 52-books-in-52-weeks goal, but I did stop cutting my own bangs! I decided to grow out my hair to donate, as it was the first time in a long time that I've had a full head of all natural hair.

I started a terribly expensive papercrafts hobby and maintained, for a while, a regular sleep schedule. I got into debt rather than out of it, but did manage to cull some of my belongings. I've cut soda and sugared coffee products from my daily life and rarely partake outside of my home. I haven't been saving money very well, but I got a rewarding job with a great boss and did start cooking a little more (although this mostly involves boiling water and burning meat :T).

I did not exercise or lose thirty pounds or write more or make much (besides knitting Joe's scarf at long fucking last), but I did travel to the south and southwest and moved to Seattle!

I'm bad at resolutions, so I'ma try to keep this year's simple:

  • Write.
  • Explore Seattle.
  • Practice mindful living.
  • Keep in better touch with friends.
  • Figure out professional image/personal branding whevs.
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    Jan. 2nd, 2012 06:50 am
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    Pretty much. Except for the dog, which I cannot support, and Ireland, where I've already been (I do plan to return, but probably not this year). Here are s'MOAR:

  • Have a regular writing schedule: I'm thinking 2pm–4pm daily, except for Wednesdays, which will be my Media Days. Now that I have a (semi-)regular work schedule, I really have no excuse not to just buckle down and keep to a schedule.
  • Always have something out to submission.
  • Blog and e-socialize MOAR. Be better at commenting.
  • Eat better, jaysus. Less sugar, smaller portions, nothing after 8:30pm. Leafy greens :c
  • Get back to working proficiency in my various divinations
  • Get out of the house more.
  • Join SFWA!
  • Don't panic.
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    I've just realized that this is my very first American New Year's Eve away from my biofam! It's a little weird. I always went back to my parents' over winter break while at uni, except that one winter in 2007 when I was in Ireland. And after graduating, I was always out of the country: last year, I went out with friends in Seoul, and the year before that, I went with friends to Osaka and Tokyo (from Jeju).

    Not sure what I'll be doing tonight; a friend invited Joe and I to a shindig at his place, but I'm superstitiously afraid of his house ._. And my co-worker invited us to a hot tub party, but I don't think I have any swimwear. Not terribly keen on hitting the bars in IC, so it'll prolly be a quiet one in with our modest DVD collection, pizza, and whiskey and/or the makgeolli my mum was kind enough to bring us last week.

    In the meantime, let us review my success rate on last year's New Year's Resolutions:
    1. Read more. Probably? Considering I actually had easy access to English-language books. I did not, however, keep track of my reading as I'd wanted to.
    2. Write more. Again, entirely possible, but hard to quantify.
    3. Train harder. lol nope
    4. Eat healthy. Hahahahaha
    5. Stick with my planner! Nope. :c
    6. Connect better. I think so! For a while, anyway.
    7. Do craftsy things. Yup. Got back into origami for a little while, and I learned how to knit. Though I only finished one scarf, a scarf that I frogged to do a mobius cowl thingy, one arm warmer, and a hat.
    8. Chill out. Alas, no. If anything, I stressed out more. :T
    9. Kick ass and take names. Difficult to quantify. But I like to think yes. :)


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