Dec. 9th, 2014

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When I was growing up, we didn't really have any consistent holiday traditions, especially after my parents divorced, other than meeting up with extended family for Seolnal (New Year). So by default, my favorite trad is eating ddeokguk and getting sebeh money and playing yut (a game where you toss marked sticks to determine how many places you can move your piece around a board).

But I'ma go more in-depth with a brand new holiday tradition!

This year marked my first grownup Hallowe'en living in a place accessible to kids, so Joe and I bought an assload of candy to distribute, and I put up my FIRST EVER outdoor decorations!

We wound up seeing something like 64 kids! I threw on some grimy/"blood"-stained rags and a giant eyeball mask and growlhissed at the trick-or-treaters, which actually really disturbed some of the tinier sprats. WHICH PLEASETH ME MUCHLY. BECAUSE WHAT'S THE POINT OF HALLOWE'EN IF NOT TO EXPERIENCE FEAR. (Some of these kids were like, WAY LITTLE. As in, unable to walk without being held up by their parents, one of whom singsonged, "Okay, time to pick a can~dy, even though I won't let you ~eat it~!" And then, with a hurried glance at me, "Not because of you! But because he's a ba~by." LADY, PLEASE, I SEE YOUR PLOY TO USE YOUR OFFSPRING TO GET FREE TREATS. JUST PUT ON A COSTUME, THERE'S NO SHAME IN IT.)

I made like a billion soul cakes and boxty potato pancakes for dinner, which we nommed with apple cider as we watched a decent horror movie (Oculus) before heading out to the cinema to see a really crappy one (Ouija). Joe spent a good amount of time striving valiantly to keep our jack-o'-lanterns lit (it fucking SNOWED, and the wind kept blowing out our tea lights)--and was ultimately unsuccessful, but maybe his attempts appeased the ghosties, because we weren't horrifically punished for letting the candles go out. Then we made a witch bottle before calling it a night.

The decorating, jack-o'-lanterns, boxty potato pancakes, horror flicks, and bit o' magic will probably work their way into our Hallowe'en tradition. My life goal is to find/make The Perfect Hallowe'en Tree (I've been keeping an eye out for yeeears) and start putting it up annually, resplendent with spooky ornaments.


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