Mar. 30th, 2012

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I don't know if this happened here or if I dreamed it, but I think I woke up at some point to hear it storming, and said, "Oh, that's why it was raining in my dream." But then I have a fuzzy recollection of actually going out to the porch to watch the downpour, which I doubt I did, so I was probably still dreaming? Geh.

This part was fo' sho' a dream: A whole slew of us (me + strangers) were gearing up for war. I wanted to pack a couple things for the training camp (puffy neon-colored high tops in case my shoes got soaked, an extra change of clothes) but kept forgetting to do so. I was super upset as I said goodbye to my hamsters because I was afraid no one would look after them if I died.

There was an older woman who blessed us as she sent us along to the indoor battlefield. She made a comment to me about how I'd ____ until the end of my life, to which I joked, "Which means for another two days?" She looked uncomfortable for a moment, then said, "You'll survive long past this." It was understood that she had precognitive abilities, so I felt vaguely comforted.

Then we were rushing headlong toward the opposing force. I had a bunch of combs as weapons; my primary had a long, flexible handle, so I was using it like a mace and smashing in people's faces and groins. I stalled a bit in the middle but wound up in the back of the warehouse? hollowed out department store?

A couple of us encountered a woman with a toddler who had been toy shopping before they were accidentally locked in. I decided to make a mission out of ensuring the survival of the civvies (plus an extra civilian [who for some reason I did not like] holding an infant), and we set about trying to fortify this unlit are. It was a horribly indefensible room with three sets of double doors; I suggested that we set up a bunch of crates so that we could use them to block the entrances at a moment's notice, but not to barricade them just yet because the enemy would notice.

Then the enemy was flooding our little nook, and suddenly numbered in the thousands and were zombie-esque in nature. I watched one of my comrades trying to hold her ground and wind up pretty much disintegrated by the force of the swarm pushing her every which way, so I let myself get moved around by the crowd. I was taken in as a POW and was waiting in line for processing when I started kicking a chair and yelling at a couple sloppily uniformed enemy soldiers to be shown to their commanding officer. I insisted that I was a double agent, but I'm not sure if that were true or if I was just faking. Then my alarm rang again.


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